Business Process Management

With a quick research, one can easily find what are the imperative characteristics for a successful enterprise, according to specialists, business owners and CIO: Organization and Agility to overcome the fast-paced changing of the market.

The best way to achieve that goal is creating and maintaining well-designed business processes, across all departments, and the most successful method of doing it today is called Business Process Management (BPM).

Low code business process management solutions

Advantages of BPM

With BPM, companies have a better vision of the whole business, allowing them to identify potential improvements in their structural operations.

Besides the room to growth and innovate, BPM helps organizations reduce human errors - that often comes from obsolete and repetitive manual operations - by automating all of this business processes via digital workflows and robotic process automation (RPA).

Business Process Management helps enterprises to save money and time, through automation and integration of their business processes.

Examples of business processes that can be automated


  • Vacation Application
  • Travel Application
  • Candidate Sourcing and Background Verification

Medical & Healthcare


  • Invoice approvals
  • B2B Automated Workflows Approvals
  • Sales Approvals Workflows

more about Sales BPM


  • Travel Expenses request
  • Payroll Automation's business process automation

Devolute.Cloud is a BPM Automation Platform that allows you to intuitively design, edit, and automate these processes.

We offer maximum efficiency to your BPM with tools to build your own apps, analyze the results across all the departments, and the best of all: integrate any pre-existing tools that you might have!

Here are some of our main features that will help you boost productivity in daily operations.

data drive forms

This technology power-up your forms with data recognition and validation, allowing complex dependencies and rules when building workflows

groups and tasks

Define tasks for each individual member or for a group in your workflow.

workflow engine's intuitive workflows are easy to build and allow later editing, so you can streamline any kind of tasks with accuracy and responsiveness.

RPA - robotic process automation

We use RPA to ensure high-speed processing and even more precision to your workflows background activities.


For admin profiles, we provide a visual and functional dashboard with real-time information and summarized data about every process, task, and order.

data drive forms

Say goodbye to paper in the workspace! Collect all the data you need with beautiful digital forms and multimedia tools

We offer competitive prices and plans that help your enterprise saving even more money!

If you want to try automating your own business process, sign in below and get started!