Upgrading the Healthcare sector with RPA and Business Process Management (BPM)

With the advance of technology in the last decades and the exponential increase of lifetime expectancy, Healthcare has become one of the largest industries on the market.

Unfortunately, the technical improvements we see today do not reflect the whole business process, with the industry still struggling to deliver innovative solutions, equally for payers and providers.

Healthcare organizations have traditionally been driven by manual operations, so they all face  typical challenges that come with human-intensive, service-oriented business: lack of administrative organization, inconsistency and human error.

In other words, a lot of waste of time and money.

According to a study conducted by Deloitte,

Labor costs in Hospitals are the largest expense for healthcare organizations, accounting for 60% of non-capital costs

BPM in the Health Care Sector

The same study affirms that almost 60% of healthcare organizations may reach negative margins by the year 2025 due to the inability to adapt to policy and economic changes

Business Process management

BPM is a well-known method that relies on process automation technology to relieve labor pressure from professionals and offering an instantaneous improvement on healthcare processes, from more reliable care for patients to the optimized management of sensitive data and treatment protocols.

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Advantages of BPM in Healthcare

BPM simplifies the healthcare journey, by offering tools for faster and more accurate decision-making mechanisms for organizations while helping patients to better visualize and take control of their own health.

Here are some examples of how your organization can benefit from Healthcare business process management and  automation

Optimize efficiency for administrative tasks

  • Improved operational efficiency with reduced errors and delays
  • Overview of current hospital caseloads and centralize management
  • Agility to implement new industry developments
  • Ensure quality and compliance with legal, financial, and industry regulations
  • Streamline authorization processes
  • Coordinate payment among multiple benefits plans

Improve Patient Experience with Healthcare Process Automation

  • Store all medical records and patient information in a unified location
  • Eliminate disjointed processes so that patients enjoy smooth, seamless interactions
  • Automate documentation and reporting for all call center operations
  • Alleviate security concerns for personal health information

Healthcare Process Automation

With a powerful workflow engine, devolute.cloud BPM automation platform allows organizations to intuitively streamline any Healthcare process while keeping all the data integrated into the hospital administration system.

devolute.cloud use cases for healthcare bpm

Claims and billing

Streamline invoicing process and eliminate the endless bureaucracy for approval across departments.

Document management

With our cloud-based centralized data-based, hospitals can easily manage the huge amount of daily information they collected, like patient records, payment data, internal documents, confidential information, etc.


Automate the processes of equipment purchase and medical supplies with quick approval, monitorization of supplier performance and well-managed inventory.


Maintain requisite records and process performance data to demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations during audits.

Leave management

Smart management of staffing schedules help prevent delays in approval, manage paid leave, and ensure that all shifts are optimally staffed.

Patient scheduling

With automated patient scheduling, organizations can boost revenues by improving the patient experience and reducing operational chaos, from booking appointments online to follow up reminders after appointments.

devolute.cloud features for Healthcare

Process automation via health care workflows

Any Healthcare process can be automated combining devolute.cloud's workflow engine with our intuitive digital forms builder.

smart data collection with digital forms

No more paper forms! Easily manage the huge amount of the daily information with reduction of data loss and time wasting manual form filling

better and faster development through low-code

Although devolute.cloud is designed to be effective for non-coding personal, we are considered a developer-friendly low-code platform for a reason: we like to assure that the development team have the resources to create while keeping high levels of complexity and dependency.

identity management

Cloud-based hosting and role-based data access enable central database and greater control over data security.

highly customizable and integrated platform

To achieve a truly automation level, your BPM platform has to be equipped with the possibility of integrating any other application your business might need.

That is what devolute.cloud stand for.

visualize and manage with dashboard

Assign individual or group tasks; manage permissions and access; analyze detailed reports for each process via graphical charts.

Workflows and Healthcare use cases

We list some of the most common healthcare process that could be easily automated via workflows and our exclusive Zapier integration:

Allocating Medication

Maintaining Adequate Medical Documentation

Approvals for Patient Admissions and Discharges

Running Patient Surveys

The Admission Carousel

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