Linklist: 5 Legal Automation (RPA) resources

1. Facts about the legal automation market and outlook 2021 and beyond

Techradar explains that legal tech investments grew between 2014 to 2019 from 1.5 million to 61 million while the number of top law firms using AI quadrupled.

Legal robots are said to be able to replace up to 63% of repeatable tasks in law firms through legal automation.

In the public legal sector the article mentions topics like export control, regulation, conflict of interest robots and contracts.

2. Impact of RPA in legal for the law firm and practice

Industry Wired writes about using RPA in legal to automate recurring processes, scaling RPA and cost optimization through RPA and Legal Compliance

3. What really is RPA in legal tech compared to other automation and AI

CloutLegal covers in this excellent and long read about robotic process automation in legal various topics such as:

  • What is the difference between Legal RPA and Legal AI
  • lawyer bots and RPA in the legal industry
  • RPA usecases in legal
  • RPA in legal and project management
  • How to start implementing RPA in law firms and legal
  • Can computers replace lawyers?

Definitely worth to read.

4. Top 3 myths about legal automation

Lawyer monthly discusses common arguments against introducing automation in law firms right now stating: It is much easier than you think, it can be done and law firms should not wait.

5. Future of Legal Automation in society

For the academic perspective: In this paper by Frank Pasquale and Glyn Cashwell the authors analyze 4 different scenarios for Legal Automation and RPA in Legal to develop in the future between high and low levels of Automation and high and low levels of Regulation.

Learn more about how can help you automating your legal business