Process Management and Automation for Governmental and Public Administration 

Smart cities aren't just some Sci-Fi futuristic subject anymore.

With the digital transformation leading the way, the Government and the Public Sector have the mission to keep up with the technical changes that their citizens now require.

And for many local agencies, this can be a costly and long operation.

Low code bpm solutions for the administration and public administration sectors.

According to a 2017 Forrester report, local government agencies invested nearly 20% of their total IT budget in modernizing operations.

With business process management system and low-code technology, provided by's platform, organizations can build their own business apps and streamline everyday operations. All of that without the need for any high-cost legacy systems or time-consuming data collection.

That is why is the most complete solution in the market, because it offers powerful and easy to operate tools for process automation in both Administrative organization and Citizen experience.

Robotic Process Automation in Administrative Organizations

Here are some examples of operations that can be automated, saving time and reducing potential human error:

Human Resources

  • personnel management
  • evaluation and control
  • absence management
  • recruitment and training
  • occupational health

Purchasing and Supplies

  • Recruiting and approving suppliers
  • eProcurement
  • Outsourcing management


  • quality management
  • environment
  • occupational safety
  • Personal Data Protection 

Project and Cost Management

  • municipal works
  • social programs
  • internal campaigns

Citizens Experience

Public sector clients expect the kind of one-stop-shop, intuitive service they experience in other parts of their lives.

Examples of public services that can be optimized through workflows and become instantly accessible to the citizen from their own home

Case Management

State of affairs







Advantages of BPM and process automation for government agencies and public administration

MANPOWER And Personnel readiness

Your most complex and high-priority personnel processes done with agility and effectiveness.

regulatory and compliance

Optimize regulatory and statutory compliance in the public sector.

optimal services

Make your constituents feel their time is valuable by improving your response for service requests.

Logistics management

Reduce costs with effective management of assets, processes, and resources.

Special Security Measures

Protection for both employees and citizens personal information (address, telephone number, finance status, etc.)

DATA and case management

All the relevant information across systems and data sources in one single place.

Acquisition and management

Streamline the whole public sector procurement and acquisition chain.'s BPM Solutions for Administration

process automation via governmental workflows

Our workflow engine is a powerful and easy to use tool that can streamline and automate any operational processes. All of that while providing better data analysis and integration with your system.

highly customizable and integrated platform

We take Applications and APIs Integration to another level.

That is one of the main features that differentiates from other providers: no vendor locked-in

Our low-code platform comes with the freedom to integrate any of your preferred tools and pre-existing applications and systems.

improvement of visibility and control

With our core product, Dashboard, you have a wider view of every step of the projects, processes, tasks and events; control of individual and group tasks; flowcharts and reports.

digital experience for citizens and constituents

The is a developer-friendly low-code platform, designed to be effective for non-coding employees as well to the development team.

This way, we are able to offer liberty to innovate while keeping resources to guarantee complex rules and events.

For your agency or municipality, that means the capability of providing reliable citizen engagement apps, without having to create everything from the ground up.

The is the perfect tool to accelerate IT modernization and the key to a successful end-to-end digital transformation in government and public administration

Government RPA and BPM use cases is powered by Zapier, so even if your process requires other third-party applications you're still able to automate and integrate it into the platform.

Here are some examples of government and public administration workflows:

Get daily reminders and notifications scheduled and sent by Zapier

Send emails via Gmail when Google Sheets rows are updated

Generate Google Calendar events from new Google Sheets rows

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