Boosting IT and Services with process management (BPM) and robotic automation (RPA)

In 2020, the world had a glimpse at how fast things can change, with every major company in the market seeking alternatives to quickly adapt their business into the new remote-friendly way of work.

But that fast-paced changing scenario isn’t strange for the Information Technology industry.

Since the Digital Transformation movement started, the IT and Services sector has faced the challenge of new clients demanding innovative solutions to their ever-changing business models, all of that in a highly competitive marketplace.

Business process management and robotic automation (RPA) for IT and Services

To succeed in that scenario, companies need well-organized IT processes and tools to operate with agility and precision.

Thankfully, we got the perfect solution!

IT Process automation with is a BPM automation platform, that offers responsiveness and speed to improve business processes via automation and integration.

Here are some benefits of implementing the smartest business process management in your company.

AUTOMATION PROCESS VIA IT WORKFLOWS'se own workflow builder is designed to facilitate the automation of every IT process, helping identify any potential error along the way.

All of that while integrating the data collected via digital forms into your system.

effective LOW-CODE development

We proudly consider a developer-friendly low-code platform.

That means we offer citizen developers the tools to help in the creation of new business apps, but we also keep the complexity necessary for the development team to build with freedom and great responsiveness.

API and Applications integration

No vendor locked-in!

Whatever applications, APIs or systems you already use can be effortlessly integrate with

dashboard and analytics comes with Dashboard, an overview tool to improve the visibility and control of your process via appealing visual flowcharts and reports.

We also made easier to define roles and responsibilities, as well as individual and group tasks.

Information Technology workflows and use cases

With you can build your own workflow or jump right into one many options from our template gallery.

Either way,  our system is powered by Zapier so you're free to integrate tons of apps to boost your processes.

Here are just a few examples of IT workflows that you could automate:

Send Twilio SMS when Mailparser receives a new email

Add Twilio SMS text messages to Google Sheets as new rows

Send emails via Gmail when Google Sheets rows are updated

Generate Google Calendar events from new Google Sheets rows is the most complete IT process automation platform. If you want to book a demo just sign in to your preferred option below: