Financial Industry solutions: Business process management and automation

With increasing regulations and disruptive new business models, besides emerging FinTechs every day, it seems like the pace of change in the Financial Services Industry will never slow down.

Business Process Management 

and Robotic Process Automation for the Finance sector

Luckily, Financial institutions can count on Business Process Automation to:

  • make better decisions faster
  • minimize risks
  • ensure compliance
  • deliver excellent customer experience
  • and improve operational efficiency

Here are some business processes in financial services that can be automated via RPA

Client Profile

Document Management

GDPR Compliance Management

Correspondence Management

Debt Collection

Court Case Management

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Contract Management

Account Manager Change

Proposal Preparation


Risk Assessment & Scoring Engine

Advantages of business process management and robotic automation for the Financial sector

Operational Effectiveness

Raise productivity and efficiency for line of business and corporate operations


Get more effective loan management, syndication, and specialized programs

Increase revenue and business opportunities

Automate processes like products introduction and targeting, campaign management, and deal initiation.

Customer Journey

Manage digital and traditional channels to engage, on-board, and retain customers.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Improve process agility while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk BPM solutions for the Finance sector

Automation for finance workflows

Turn compliance and business rules into automated processes to better manage risk by efficiently and consistently collecting, assessing and reporting across the organization.

Workflow engine

No more incalculable hours of manual review. Speed up contract review with fully integrated workflows for regulatory transitions.


Your process, your rules.

What differentiates from other vendors is the freedom to securely integrates all your existing apps and technologies, from AI extraction to databases.

Low-code business applications

The low-code platform enables your team to turn great ideas into high-impact business applications, without the need to rebuild the process whenever something changes. In a fast pacing market as the financial sector, that really comes in hand.

Financial workflows and use cases

Here are some financial workflows examples that you could start right now, powered by our integration with Zapier.

Create new activities in Redtail CRM for ScheduleOnce scheduled bookings

Add new Facebook Ad Lead leads to Redtail CRM

Send emails via Gmail when Google Sheets rows are updated

Create new Redtail CRM contacts for new PreciseFP clients and prospects

Generate Google Calendar events from new Google Sheets rows

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