The Accounting sector: Robotic process automation and BPM as a service

As we go deeper into Industry 4.0 and the era of data-accelerated operations, the Accounting Industry - one of the most traditional and fundamental sectors in the world - is already shaping itself to keep up with the ever-changing advances in technology.

Robotic process automation with BPM (business process management) in the Accounting sector

95% of accountants believe their roles will be completely changed in 10 years

Many professionals in the Accounting Industry acknowledge that they will have significantly different job descriptions, especially due to what automation of processes can offer - now and in the near future.

Bookkeeping and Data-collection are just two examples of accounting tasks that might be integrating a robotic automated process pretty soon.

With that in mind, the accounting sector will be lead by professionals that are able to turn these new resources in their favor and bring strategic solutions to their clients.

Accounting processes management and automation

Nobody would expect an accountant to have programming skills - and they don’t need to.

The platform enables you to automate and streamline many of the accounting processes, leaving you with more time to put your real strengths to use.

With your knowledge is the most valuable skill.

To manage and automate essential accounting business process means

Better functioning workspace,

Less time wasted with manual operations

Reduced human errors

Saving money for you enterprise BPM and RPA boost the accounting sector

AUTOMATION for every accounting process

No matter the size or complexity of your accounting process, you can easily transform it into intuitive workflows and use rules, permissions and tasks to automate it.


Your process, your rules.

Unlike other vendors, offer the total freedom to integrate all your company structural and preferred tools, as well as any pre-existing system like SAP, SalesForce, etc.

And if you want to incorporate some new API later, it's fine, you can do it too.


With our low-code platform even you non-coding employees can become a major contributor to the creation of new business apps.

And thanks to our developer-friendly approach to low-code, your IT department can still operates with maximum flexibility and customize the platform as necessary.

Use cases for accounting workflows with

Thanks to our Zapier integration, Accountants now have the perfect tool to create workflows exactly the way they want.

Here are some examples of daily accounting processes that could be automate with

create QuickBooks Online customer with sales receipts for the new Stripe charge

Add new QuickBooks Online invoices to a Google Sheets spreadsheet as new rows

Automativally add new Google Sheets rows to Excel

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