API Orchestration and BPM Automation

API orchestration is the complex engineering that enables multiple systems to communicate and work together simultaneously, with the objective to deliver a single purpose inside an application or service.

API Orchestration and BPM Automation

With digital life expanding its reach over our ways of doing things, being at work or home (or even with our new hybrid stage “working from home”), switching old offline activities to new online tasks is just a consequence of our natural adaptation. In the business area, we even come up with a term for it and it’s called “Digital Transformation”.

And because the majority of this new digital routine happens almost instantly through mobile, applications, and online services, we tend to overlook a lot of background activity and take for granted everything that is going on behind screens.

For example, every time someone performs an action in any app or platform, there is a huge network of systems trading pieces of information and data validations, activating processes at an incredibly fast pace, just to attend a request that for us may look as simple as locating an address or renting a bike via mobile app.

What is API Orchestration?

According to NordicAPIS:

"API orchestration is the act of integrating two or more applications into a single, unified offering. Typically, this is used to merge API calls into a single frontend, automate processes, or merge multiple internal APIs from a user experience perspective."

API orchestration is a great solution to enhance the end-user experience because it offers one single interface to replace what would be a complex process through multiple screens and different systems.

For developers, orchestration also helps boost their productivity by synchronizing a group of APIs into one single API, thus avoiding a huge time-wasting.

API Orchestration for BPM platforms

Thanks to technologies like low-code development and RPA (robotic process automation), everything we perform around business apps and digital BPM platforms seem easy, quick and smooth.

But the secret to effectively streamline business process, from end-to-end, it’s on the API orchestration technology that allows different systems and software to exchange data and perform rule-based operations between each other.

devolute.cloud Business Process Management and Automation Platform

One of the main features of devolute.cloud is the capacity to offer a highly-customizable solution for enterprises, all based on the endless integrations that the platform support.

Always focused on saving money and time for its users, devolute.cloud allows any pre-existing applications, services, or APIs to be fully integrated into the system.

So, instead of wasting hours of reprogramming and adaptation, companies can maintain what is already working for them and just adding powerful automation and management tools to their business process.

However, for this to even be possible, a bold and complex orchestration system is necessary.

Here are some of the features devolute.cloud’s orchestration system brings to your business

    • Spreadsheet (Google Sheets, Excel)
    • Business (SAP, SalesForce)
    • Chat (Teams, Slack)
    • Automation (Zapier)





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