HR Department automation via RPA and Business Process management

Every company is made by individuals; people that work together to achieve a greater goal. That statement puts the Human Resources department in the core of the business and HR process management a crucial part of any successful enterprise.

Digital Transformation is evolving not only the way we do business, but it is also affecting our relation as humans, so the change should start at how Human Resources operates.

Business processes management (BPM) and robotic automation (RPA) in the HR Department

Now, HR Managers and HR specialist are facing the challenge of adapting their processes to a new digital environment, what demands even more consistency and agility, in order to:

add accountability

acountability in marketing processes

make user-friendly processes

make user-friendly processes

increase  response time

increase  response time

reduce operational errors

no more operational errors

But the reality isn’t always what we hoped for.

According to Gartner report “Future of Work Hidden Trends, 2020”:

69% of a manager’s time is spent on activities that could be replaced by existing technology; also only 9% of CHROs think their organization is prepared for the future

Process automation brings efficiency to HR department

Implementing a Business Process Management platform is the best way to guarantee better time-management, efficiency and reduce operational costs in today’s workspace.

All that is achieved by relieving employees of  mechanical daily operations that could be performed by RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

For Human Resources Managers, automating the HR processes in your company provide the time and the tools for them to do the jobs they were hired for: to focuses on people and not on paperwork

Examples of HR workflows that can be automated with a BPM platform and RPA

  • Human resources planning (HRP)

  • Recruitment

  • Onboarding

  • Employee relations

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Vacation and leave requests

  • Performance management

  • Regulatory compliance
HR workflows that can be automated with a BPM platform and RPA

HR process automation and management

No matter the department, the time it takes to complete processes impacts many aspects of the business.

The primary goal of HR process management is improving that ratio through automation of repetitive manual tasks that also helps to reduce potential human-based errors that can cost a lot of money for the company.

Besides, with your company has advantage of better handling huge amounts of data, even if they come from other third-party applications.

This is how improves Human Resources Processes

HR processe automation

Manage and automate any HR processes with workflows. To ensure no information is lost, all the workflows and data are integrated into your organization’s ERP system.

easy development with low code

We want to help improve business and one of the best ways of doing this is increasing collaboration across departments.

With a developer-friendly low-code platform, offers effectiveness for non-coding employees to participate in the development creation while providing the complex language and tools that your IT and development team requires to thrive.

your favorite integrations is a solution created for your business to develop exactly what it needs to grow. And that means you can build your own personalized process and integrate any of your preferred tools and systems, with zero vendor locked-in conditions. It's freedom and support, all at once.

control and compliance

Dashboard offers a wider-view of every step of the projects, processes, tasks and events, so you can better analyze and manage your operations.

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Human Resources automation process use cases

Here are some HR workflows examples that you could start right now, powered by our integration with Zapier.

Add members to Google Groups from new BambooHR employees

Send a Confirmation Email to New Workable Applicants

Create Google Calendar events for new Greenhouse candidate applications

Send emails via Gmail when Google Sheets rows are updated

Add new Greenhouse candidate applications as Excel rows

Generate Google Calendar events from new Google Sheets rows

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