Automate Business Processes. Digitally and Across Departments

Close the gaps in your digital landscape

Which of your processes are not yet digital?

Even if you are already using SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce or any other solution in your company, you will find non-digital processes in departments.

With our help you can change that in few simple steps.

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Step by step to your digital process

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Find out which groups interact within your process. If one group only has a single user, that is totally fine. Keep it simple.


Which steps form your process and which step belongs to which group?

Again: Keep it simple. Thanks to our flexible solution you an optimize your process anytime.


What is the most important information that is passed along during the process?

Which decisions depend on it? Take notes and ask within your team.
And take a look at your forms and input masks.

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Examples for processes we digitalized

In Private Beta we asked quite some organizations: Which process do you want to digitalize?

Travel request in a large NGO

If one of the 5000 coworkers wants to travel, a form with travel dates as to be filled. Ater a line manager has to approve the travel. Is it a flight, the management has to approve additionally. The coworker receives a token that can be used in another process: The reimbursement of travel expenses. 

Certification process in a large medical association

11000 Members have to be certified regularly - by other members.

Therefore they have to send in their application, which gets validated by the backoffice by certain criteria. Do they approve the application, an expert evaluates if the medial requirements are met before the examiner and the member exchange proposals for a date of exam.

If the exam is passed, a certificate gets issued..

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Digitalize your forms

No long forms and ways anymore

Imagine all data in your process gets retreived with simple and beautiful forms directly from the people who have it.

Nobody has to know who they are, because the process knows about them.

All data in the process is valid

The system recognizes before data is entered, which rules have to be applied.

Alternatively data can also be saved and validated later by the rules of a schema.

Complex dependencies and relationships

In contrast to other vendors we can implement complex dependencies, reuse elements or fill the form of one task with data from another.

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Map your whole organization with ease

Everything is a group

Our innovative group model allows various configurations to ensure the right person always receives the task.
This also works with sub-departments or external partners.

Invitations and import

Either users with privileges can invite users or we help you with a coordinated bulk import.

Additionally there is an API available to migrate users from an existing tool.

Process roles and delegation

Users can receive tasks directly, through a group or through specific roles within a process.

If they cannot complete a task, they can delegate it again.

Custom Dashboards & Apps for your department

Say goodbye to your One-Size-Fits-All solution

Common business applications from big providers force your employees into a uniform interface with hundreds of menus and buttons.

But the future belongs to small, functional interfaces that fit the daily tasks of a few manageable groups.

Our front-end technology enables you to develop these applications agile with the process at a much lower cost.

This way you pick up your employees and involve them in the process instead of having to train them extensively.

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Features and Integrations

Many more possibilities guarantee a seemless integration

Slack & Microsoft TEAMS

Integrate and control workflows from within your adopted chat platform


A central Identity management allows for integration of all your existing tools and your other SSO solutions


You don't have to replace your existing spreadsheet solutions, you can also just integrate them.


Allow your users to search in tasks, processes and affiliated tools


Store all of your process data in your established business applications


Integrate and orchestrate the data flow between all of your APIs


Build own business applications in as short as 10% of the usual time


We offer you a private cloud option in your desired hosting zone


If you want to have your own corporate solution, talk to us

This is what you will have reached after the onboarding

You have automated a business process digitally

You have implemented a set of forms

Your key users can control the workflow with eMail, Slack or other tools

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